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Descent and Logic in Biosystematics

Author: Thomas McCabe

eBook ISBN: 978-0-578-75848-0

Published Date: January 31, 2021

Page Count: 130


Descent and Logic in Biosystematics is a short multidisciplinary book about biological systematics and taxonomy. Some of the subjects covered in it are philosophical—taxonomic theory, species concepts, speciation models, and evolutionary theories. Yet the book also covers matters not philosophical, such as taxonomic operations, experimental taxonomy, and two new suggested taxonomic methods, with worked examples. The author finds relationships among these topics. The book is addressed to both working taxonomists, and to philosophers with an interest in biology. It will also interest others who draw on biological taxonomy and biosystematics in their work.The book goes into some old topics such as traditional biological identifying, classifying, and nomenclature; some recent, such as evolutionary classifying based on cladistic analysis, phylogenetics, and phylogenomics; and a few new, such as the logic of mutually exclusive taxon definitions, and techniques for using directly observed reproductive events and pedigree analysis to untangle certain taxonomic dilemmas. There is a chapter about avoidable ambiguities when defining biological taxa, a chapter on the relevance of human biology to biosystematics, chapters addressing some biosystematic problems associated with the phenomenon of hybridization, and a chapter on the relationship of biological taxonomy to conservation biology. Descent and Logic in Biosystematics is published as an eBook, with twelve black and white line figures, two tables, a dynamic table of contents, linked cross references, and linked bibliographic citations. It should be considered for academic libraries, research libraries, natural history museum libraries, the libraries of conservation organizations, and perhaps some private libraries.


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